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Careerkeys® Report Consultation
Careerkeys Consultations

Careerkeys® reports are designed as a stand-alone resource for career development and progression. However, additional consultative insights are available to further optimise the results, providing specific interpretation and application of the DISC assessment responses. The Careerkeys® report consultation is available as either a written report addendum or an interactive Skype session for up to 20 minutes. For both versions, the purchase of a Careerkeys® careers report is a prerequisite.


Report Addendum Price £15 (US$24)

Skype Session Price £20 (US$32)

It is important to understand that all Goldisc consultations are designed to provide accurate insights into normal behaviour, based on the assessment responses given. Neither advice on specific career decisions, nor the rendering of psychological services are provided within the scope of any consultations and any expert assistance of this nature should be sought from a suitably qualified person.


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