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Perceptual Learning & Cognitive Thinking Style Report
  • For Education, Business or Personal Development
  • Discover your learning, thinking & personality style
  • Understand & Capitalise on your strengths
  • Learn how to enhance your learning potential
  • More focused, effective & enjoyable learning experience

Whether you are in education, business or simply interested in personal development, the learning & thinking style DISC report will help enhance your learning potential as you identify and capitalise on your style strengths. We all perceive and learn differently through the main learning senses of eyes, ears and touch. In identifying your preferred learning style as auditory, visual or kinesthetic your learning experience will become more focused, effective and enjoyable. Similarly, everyone has their own unique way of thinking and by understanding these thinking patterns & preferences you can discover your optimum learning style. Using the LITE model, the report will help identify your thinking style as Literal, Intuitive, Theoretical or Experiential. Also included are tips for enhanced learning. This excellent resource helps you identify personality style strengths to improve motivation, communication and areas for growth.

The Thinking and Learning Style report requires the completion of online questionnaires at a secure website. On screen instructions are provided and the process takes around 20 minutes. To purchase the report, click on the PayPal button below and complete the payment process. The assessment web link and login code will then be sent to you. The resulting PDF report will be emailed after the assessments are completed.

Price £25 (US$40)

The report results are based on the responses entered and are designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter.


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